As all homes and fireplaces are different, then a home visit is normally required to ascertain the optimum fitting conditions. We fit with a 150mm heavy galvanized flue liner and can adapt many existing fireplaces to accommodate the dimensions of the Supastove.

When burning wood, coal, and pellets etc. the only way to achieve the most efficient consumption of fuel is to have an independent air intake adjacent to the stove or fire. In Spain this requirement has very largely been ignored but nevertheless it is MOST IMPORTANT to achieve the greatest efficiency. We normally bore a 50mm hole through the exterior wall closest to the fire. If there is no exterior wall within a suitable distance then we can induct air from a pipe to the side of the metal flue liner from the vertical flue space.

For any potential customers who have an existing glass-fronted fire appliance and the glass is consistently discoloured and requires constant cleaning it is a sure symptom of a less-than-necessary oxygen supply.

Installation charges vary from the very simplest connection in a suitable existing space to a larger scale adaption/construction of a fire surround.

A home visit informs the customer on-the-spotof a final charge in €uros.