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Location and Surroundings

Padul forms part of the Lecrin Valley community where 11 towns and villages are spread around the extensive Pantano de Beznar reservoir.

A community with roots from the Phoenician settlement of Southern Spain through the Roman occupation and the entire Moorish control, ending in the 1500s, the valley is truly rich in architectural and cultural heritage.

Padul has an ancient ‘Turbera’ (mineral peat source) where numerous Mamooth remains have come to the surface. Indeed a craft micro brewery produces in Padul a very fine range of beers which have gained the superstoveseal of approval!

The truly superb multi star Hotel Hacienda Señorio de Nevada is one Autoviajunction away from the factory at exit KM 153 with it’s own award winning winery and fine dining can be visited at the same time. It is well worth a visit to come and see the stove products being made and enjoying some of the great pleasures of ‘El Valle de Lecrin.

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Where we are

The Supastoves office, showroom and factory are located at the KM 144 marker on the A-44 between Motril and Granada in Andalusia.

The premises are shared with Marheat SL and next to ADG Boats.!

From the south, it’s roughly 47km from Motril, and from the north about 20km from Granada. If you put the address Calle Pago de los Cahices, 2, Padul, Granada into Google Maps you won’t go far wrong.

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